University at Buffalo

Behavioral Medicine Clinic


Susan S. Krasner, PhD

Dr. Susan S. Krasner is assistant clinical professor in the Department of Anesthesiology at the University at Buffalo School of Medicine. She earned her PhD from the University of South Florida before undergoing a residency at Buffalo VA Medical Center and at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. She was one of the first health care professionals in western New York to treat IBS from a behavioral perspective. Dr. Krasner’s primary research interests include behavioral aspects of irritable bowel syndrome. Her research has explored the psychosocial aspects of IBS as well the efficacy of various behavioral self–management approaches on IBS symptoms and quality of life. She also maintains a practice focused on health psychology with a focus on chronic pain problems such as migraines, musculoskeletal injuries, and nerve pain. She has co–authored numerous articles and lectures frequently about health and behavior.